Leigh’s Country Kitchen actually started out as “A Gluten Free Life.”  You’ll notice many recipes are labeled as gluten & dairy free.  I went through a lot in 2016.  I was misdiagnosed by three doctors who thought I had Celiac Disease or a gluten sensitivity or maybe possibly a gluten and dairy sensitivity.  After months of excruciating pain and many many tests and appointments, it seems as though it’s just my GERD (gastrointestinal reflux disease) more severe than ever.  I started the blog as an outlet for me to share recipes and “vent” when necessary about the things I was going through.  Now, I changed the blog name to Leigh’s Country Kitchen and I’m keeping the blog because I realized how much I enjoy it!  You’ll find lots of healthy & not so healthy recipes! 🙂

Leigh & Dave

Hi!  My name’s Leigh and this is my blog 🙂 I’m a wife, dog mom, food blogger, and lover of the outdoors.  I have a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and I work full time, but I realized my real passion is in food, cooking, drinking wine, fitness, enjoying the outdoors, and living a happy and healthy life.  I met Dave in 2011 while I was in college and we were both living in the Philadelphia region.  The strangest part is that we both grew up only forty-five minutes from each other in good ole’ Pennsyltucky. 😉 We married in 2015. Now he’s stuck with me forever!

Jed & Ellie Mae

We have two dog babies.  We rescued Jed in March 2016 and we became dog lovers immediately.  We rescued Ellie Mae just two months later in May 2016.  They came from shelters in Alabama & were brought to Pennsylvania and put into foster homes.  No, they’re not brother & sister.  Yes, we know they look so much alike. 🙂 When we go camping and walk the dogs around the campgrounds everyone we pass comments on how gorgeous and unique they are and we always get asked if they’re a special breed.  After trying to explain they are rescues and we’re not 100% positive on what they are 1,000 times (even though we believe Jed is a plott hound mix and Ellie Mae is a dutch shepherd mix) we just started telling people they are a hyena mix.  The looks on people’s faces are priceless.


This is my family. We’re far from perfect but perfect for each other.