Saturday Recap

Hi everyone!!!! I hope your Saturday was absolutely fabulous!  The weather here in Pennsylvania was gorgeous – Sunny & 80 degrees!!!  We did have a big storm come through Friday night but the sun came out on Saturday and dried everything up & it was a scorcher!  I told my husband I wanted to spend the day outside and we were successful in doing so!

Sometimes I think it’s so hard to stay home and not focus on the 7238947823743 things that I COULD be doing around the house.  Do you know what I mean?? So, I promised myself I would do whatever it took to relax & enjoy and man oh man did I!!! 🙂

It was Ellie Mae’s Gotcha Day!  We rescued her 1 year ago so we spent the day outside with her and Jed.  I got their kiddie pool ready for them in hopes they would use it this year with how hot it was outside.  They were very iffy with it last year and decided they wanted to use it as a large water dish instead.


It was so funny to see how they have changed from last summer.  They were both of course still hesitant about the pool at first but then when I threw Jed’s favorite ball in there he jumped right on in!  They love water so I’m sure they’ll really enjoy the pool this summer.

We did go out for a quick lunch as they were calling for rain and it got a little stormy outside for a few hours.  We had the most amazing appetizer called “Mushroom Grants” which reallllyyy confuses me.  Grants? What is a grant in the food world? Honestly, I did some research and I couldn’t quite figure out WHY they were calling them mushroom grants.  Regardless, they were incredible.

“Portabella and button mushrooms sauteed with a demi glaze and butter served with crostini’s and baked with shredded parmesan cheese, served over fresh arugula and topped with a balsamic glaze” – That was the description from the restaurant. They were very good, however, my husband and I both agreed they would be better with less mushrooms (even though the mushrooms were FANTASTIC) because they made the crostini soggy.  So, I see a homemade dish of mushroom bruschetta in my future…. love when I get inspiration from restaurants!! 😉

It was hot & I wasn’t all that hungry so I got a caesar salad.

My hubby got the roast beef club.  There was SO much bacon on that sandwich!!!! Of course, I had to try some of it 😉  The french fries were delicious too – They reminded me of fries on the boardwalk!

After lunch we decided to go do a wine tasting at a local winery – Black Walnut.

We chose to do 7 wines each

I was so excited because we had one of the owners, Jack, giving us our tasting.  When an owner gives you a tasting be sure to take advantage of that experience and really listen to everything they say.  They have so much knowledge of the wine world and they’re so passionate and willing to go into detail to explain things for you.

We had SUCH a good time.  My favorites are bank barn red, cabernet sauvignon, vidal blanc, and iridescence.  I tend to like sweeter wines, however over the years my palate has expanded and now I can appreciate all wines.  Cab sauv has come to be my absolute favorite wine and I do have to say…. Black Walnut’s 2013 Cab Sauv is fantastic.

We bought three bottles to take home to enjoy with friends later that evening.  We went with summer wines that would be great on the hot day with meat and cheese — Iridescence, Bank Barn Red, and Vidal Blanc.  Bank Barn Red is so great because it’s a red wine thats served chilled!!! Red wine is usually served at room temperature but I just love the idea of a cold red and how different it is!!

For the cheeses and meats I went with all local picks.  Di Bruno Bros cheddar & horseradish spread, Di Bruno Bros smoked gouda, Farm at Doe Run Hummingbird, Farm at Doe Run Hickory on the Hill, blueberry vanilla goat cheese (I’m not sure if this one was local), and then 2 venisons – cheddar and original and a bbq wild boar summer sausage -again, all local to Pennsylvania.

I bought some Di Bruno Bros garlic crostini’s.  Can you tell I’m a huge fan of Di Bruno Brothers?  I built a relationship with the family a few years ago through the business I was working for at the time.  They’re such a great company with great people and amazing cheese, meats, and crackers.

I found these bake in minutes artisan loaves of bread at the grocery store and decided to give them a shot.


I put the spread out on a couple of cutting boards.  I also put out grapes, a variety of olives (garlic stuffed, plain ole’ olives, and kalamata), cashews, pickled garlic, and homemade jalapeno jelly.

Cheese plates and wine may be my two favorite things in the entire world….

I love having a few hard cheese options

along with a soft cheese and a spread.  I also went with a sweeter softer blueberry vanilla goat cheese for something really different.  That blueberry vanilla goat cheese was out of this world good – It would be fantastic for breakfast!!!

The sausages were a hit.  I normally go for a variety of meats but my grocery store didn’t have a wide variety of the Di Bruno brothers meats they normally carry.  It worked out well because I wouldn’t have tried the sausages otherwise and they were amazing!!

The wine choices were perfect with the meat and the cheese and reminded us of warm summer days.  It might be Spring but man oh man did it feel like it was the middle of summer!

The artisan bread was such a good choice!  I was thinking about making homemade bread and I’m honestly glad I didn’t because this was just like a loaf of homemade bread!!  It was crusty on the outside with a warm fluffy inside.  It paired perfectly with the creamy and hard cheeses.

We also had Sierra Nevada Pale Ale just in case someone didn’t want wine.

We had such a beautiful evening!  Great friends, great food, and great wine.


What did you guys do this weekend?

What’s your favorite way to entertain?

What’s your favorite local winery or brewery?


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