Grilled Chicken & Veggies Salad

It’s Thursday night and I’m currently starting my 2nd week of 21 Day Fix.  It’s a Beachbody workout program by Autumn Calabrese in case you don’t know.  I’ve used it quite a few times to really give my body a good healthy workout.  This time I’m determined to go the full 21 days without stopping.  I’ve also added in 30 minutes of elliptical!  It’s a lot for me but it’s worth it.  My stress MELTS away after those workouts (as I’m asking my husband to pick my melted sweat drenched body off of the floor).

I’m not following the diet plan, because well, I don’t diet.  I don’t think dieting works and I don’t think it’s healthy.  Instead of dieting, I’ve promised my body that I will feed it real nutrient rich foods (more fruits and veggies)!  I’m still allowing myself beer and junk food, because let’s be honest, a world without those things is a sad, sad world.  However, I’ve already found myself wanting and eating less junk food and beer because my body has what it needs!

So, after I peeled myself off of the floor after cardio fix tonight, I showered and decided I wanted a grilled chicken and veggie salad.  I’ve been thinking about this salad for days (another weird thing that’s started happening – I actually CRAVE veggies and salads).  I took all of the veggies that I had in my fridge that I thought would be good in the salad.

Corn on the cob, asparagus, 1/2 a potato, around about 1/3 of a zucchini, and a red pepper.

I threw it all on the grill with boneless, skinless chicken.  For the chicken I pounded it thin & then seasoned it with original Mrs. Dash, paprika, and a teeeny tiny bit of cayenne.  It’s crazy how the teeniest bit of cayenne goes a lonnnng way.

Once everything was charred and delicious looking I knew it was done.  I’m not much of a grill master (although I love to grill and love grilled food – I usually let the hubby own that department).  I did manage to catch the entire left side of the grill on fire…. still not quire sure how that happened (check out the super black potato round… hahaha).  It was still delicious though.

I chopped all of the veggies up into bite size pieces (cut the corn off of the cob, sliced the red onion into strips, the zucchini into strips, the potato into french fry slices, and the asparagus into 1/3) and then I put it all on top of a bed of butter lettuce.  I have such a serious love for butter lettuce I’m pretty sure I could eat it every single day.  I used ranch for my dressing (again – something I could eat every single day).

The salad reminds me of camping, summer, and happiness.  It gives me all of the good feels which I’m all about.  Such a delicious, healthy, and fun way to eat more vegetables!

What is your favorite salad?

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