Copycat Hot’n Juicy

My husband and I just got back from Vegas about a week ago.  We were there for a week and did a ton of sightseeing, eating, drinking, hiking, eating, drinking, exploring, eating, drinking….ok, you get the point. 😉

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We found a place called Hot’n Juicy that was right off of the strip.  They were advertising crawfish on their sign, so I knew we had to check it out (my husband is a die hard crawfish fan).  We ordered some crawfish & shrimp in their hot’n juicy sauce.  Guuuuuuys. I can’t even explain to you how GOOD this sauce is!  You pick your level of spice which makes it even better.  The serve the crawfish and the shrimp (and anything else you would order) right in a bag with the delicious sauce. (See pic below).

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Naturally, as we were eating there…. I started breaking down the sauce in my head and trying to replicate it.  Guess what? IT WORKED!  My husband was thrilled when I made Hot’N Juicy shrimp for us yesterday for lunch!

You’re going to need redhot, sriracha, cayenne pepper, paprika, chili powder, lemon pepper, creole seasoning, butter, and garlic. LOTS of garlic.

I melted my butter & then added in the rest of my ingredients & let it boil.

I wish I could share with you how amazing this made my house smell.  I’m so obsessed with garlic…… oh man.

Once my sauce was ready I got a large pot of water & put a bag of zatarain’s in it with a lemon and brought it to a boil.

I also picked up some slow cooker liners to use as my serving bags to make it just like Hot’N Juicy. (My husband was impressed)

We bought this shrimp from Sams Club and I must say…. it’s the biggest shrimp I’ve ever had in my LIFE.  Whatever shrimp you get – Just make sure it has the shell on & it’s raw.  That way you’re not overcooking it and you’re allowing the seasonings & sauce to soak right up in it.

(I originally had my hot’n juicy sauce in this large pot & then I moved it to a little pot & used this pot to boil my water… which is why the color is off in my water)

Your shrimp won’t take long.  I popped mine into the boiling water for maybe 3 minutes tops.  You’ll know they’re done because they’ll turn a bright pretty pink!

Drain your shrimp & then dump them into your plastic crock pot bag.  Dump your sauce right over top.

Then grab the top of your crock pot bag & give those shrimps a good shakin’!

Serve right out of the bag

and allow yourself to get a little messy

because that’s the whole experience, right???

and as with any hot seafood…. serve with beer 😉

Ingredients for Hot’N Juicy Sauce (Mild)

3 sticks butter

1/2 tsp chili powder

1/2 tsp paprika

1/2 tbsp red hot

1 tsp cayenne

1 pinch lemon pepper

1/2 tsp creole seasoning

2 tbsp sriracha

1/2 tsp sriracha

1 tsp garlic powder

Ingredients for Hot’N Juicy Boil

2 lbs uncooked unpeeled medium/large shrimp

1 large pot water (for boiling)

1 bag Zatarain’s crab boil

1 lemon (cut in 1/2 or quartered)

Crock pot bags


1. Add above ingredients for hot’n juicy sauce to sauce pan & let boil.  Reduce heat to low.

2. Boil large pot of water with quartered lemon & zatarain’s crab boil bag added.

3. Once water is boiling, add 2 lbs shrimp & let cook until pink ~ 3 minutes.

4. Drain shrimp

5. Add shrimp to crock pot bag & dump hot’n juicy sauce on top of shrimp.

6. Hold the top of the crock pot bag & shake the hot’n juicy sauce all over your shrimp.  Be sure to coat all of the shrimp.

7. Serve in the bag!  Enjoy!


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