Walk with the dogs & Amish Country

My husband and I took our dogs, Jed and Ellie Mae for a long walk yesterday morning at a local park.  The dogs love getting out and exploring and meeting new dogs on their walks.  Ellie pulls the ENTIRE time we walk, no matter what we do.  She’s so anxious to get EVERYWHERE as fast as she can.  Jed, on the other hand, walks sooooo nice with his harness.  We’d love to have Ellie wear her harness but we worry about it rubbing her underside as it did once pretty bad over the summer while we were camping.  Jed’s has never bothered him and he turns into a different dog on walks while he’s wearing it.Once we tired our fur babies out, we decided to take a trip towards Lancaster.  We went to look for new dining room furniture and up exploring the surrounding area, shops, and a brewery/winery.screenshot_2017-02-26-07-18-56-1.pngAll of the roads in the Lancaster area are absolutely beautiful.  Of course, on a gorgeous 60+ degree February day you can see the amish working hard in their fields.  It also smells of manure (and makes me crave ice cream…. thanks to Merry Mead when I was a kid).  We stopped at many furniture stores and admired basically every item in the store.  Amish make beautiful furniture.  I was super thirsty so Dave and I picked up some lemonade from one of the stores.  I tried the raspberry tea lemonade (which was delicious and sour and reminded me of summer) and Davy went with a mango lemonade (which was also delicious).

We ended up stopping at Rumspringa & Mount Hope Wine Gallery.  It’s right on the side of route 30, which is where all of your little shops and amish stores are.  They give you free tastes of all of their wines (they let you have a little taste in a tiny plastic cup – there’s a woman downstairs where they sell all of their wines).

Upstairs they have wine tastings and beer!  Dave and I bought thought it was so cool that the brewery was named Rumspringa.  Hilarious.

screenshot_2017-02-26-07-18-22-1.pngThe place was super cute & had such a cool vibe.  You go to the bar & tell them what you’d like to do – They offer a variety of flights (beer, cider, and wine) and combination flights.  You can also get a bee sting (stout with honey mead) or just have a cider, glass of wine, beer, or sangria.  Then you sit at a table and they bring you your flight/beer/wine/cider.

There were crazy storms rolling through the area around this point in time.  Luckily we hadn’t been hit yet but everyone’s phones were going off with the crazy loud alerts of severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings.

They did have a tiny menu with food items as well.  We didn’t get anything here as we had stopped on the way towards Lancaster and had lunch at a local & historic restaurant that we just love.

Of course we ordered the largest flight that we could.  It was a mix of all of their beers and ciders.  The one cider was a caramel cider and hooolly moly was it sweet.  I loovee ciders but this was more like a maple syrup & honey flavor combined.  I’m sure some people love it, but I wasn’t a big fan.

I think I liked the stout the best.  Dave liked the bee sting & bought a Rumspringa mug with it.  We had such a good time and really enjoyed the day!

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