Veggies & Rice – Veggies & Pasta

2 dishes. Healthy. Inexpensive. Yummy!

My husband and I went away for the weekend.  It was our one year wedding anniversary and we wanted to be with friends & family to celebrate.  When we came home my fridge was completely bare (of course… we had just been away for four days and I cleaned that baby out before we left) and I didn’t feel like running to the grocery store.  I’m pretty good at whipping meals up out of nothing – Especially dips! 😉 (You can ask my neighbors – they alwayyysss talk about the dips I make in a hurry from basically nothing. lol)


I always have frozen vegetables on hand.  Normally I buy bulk at Sams Club and then small bags from Giant to have a variety.  I popped open a bag of broccoli and added some to a pan.  Then I added in some frozen peas.  I added in a can of mushrooms and some frozen Brussels sprouts.  I had some yellow peppers from our garden so I sliced them up & added them in as well.  I drizzed on a teeny bit of olive oil & let that all cook up.


I used my pressure cooker to cook up some gluten free rice.  For whatever reason, I had to pressure cook it twice.  Sometimes gluten free food is tricky like that.  I added some veggies to my rice and sprinkled on some gluten free soy sauce.  Simple but delicious (and healthy!)


I then used the rest of the vegetables to make a simple pasta.  I boiled & drained some rigatoni noodles & mixed them in with the veggies.  I did add a little butter to the pasta before mixing them in with the vegetables.


I needed something quick & easy & I really was craving veggies.  This worked perfectly!  The best part?  We had this for lunch the next day & it was easy & just as delicious!

The following day we had pasta & veggies left over so I made a creamy garlic sauce & we had it for dinner as a side.  I mixed together some heavy cream, garlic powder, flour, butter, cream cheese, and parmesan cheese.  It was delicious!

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