Veggie Spring Rolls

I LOVE to make my own spring rolls – they’re super easy, customizable, and will satisfy your craving.


I’ve made these spring rolls a few times before.  This time I made them with my bang bang shrimp recipe (posting tomorrow on the blog).  I’ve tried many different spices & sauces in the rolls as well as raw & cooked vegetables.  I’ve found that I prefer cooked vegetables with some spices as well as noodles & soy sauce.


You can easily find the ingredients you’ll need in your grocery stores. They’re usually located in an asian/international aisle.  I remember the very first time I made homemade sushi I couldn’t find any international ingredients & I had to drive 30 minutes to a Whole Foods to get sushi rice. (I know – 30 minutes – life is tough, right?) 😉 Now pretty much every grocery store carries these items.


I buy cellophane noodles to use in my spring rolls. Cellophane? Is that even safe to eat? Yes, yes it is. Cellophane noodles are a transparent noodle made from starch and water.  They’re known for being low in calories, helping with fatigue, and some other crazy things. Honestly, I think they’re neat and I eat them because of that & only that.


You’ll want to follow the instructions on the back of the cellophane noodle packet to heat these little guys up.  Basically, you boil water, put your noodles in, and turn off the water. They’ll soften and plump a little.  Then I add mine to a pan & sprinkle in gluten free soy sauce until they’re a nice brown color. I also sprinkle some pepper on top.  You don’t have to recook them with the soy/pepper on top, you just need to keep them warm until you’re ready to use them in your wraps.

It’s crazy because I made these one time not really knowing what they were going to taste like or if I was going to like them. I remember taste testing them before putting them into my spring roll for the first time and BAM – Memories of my honeymoon!  There was a hibachi restaurant at our honeymoon that brown odd textured noodles and they were AMAZING. And I just invented them at home?? On accident??? I was impressed.


I think spring roll wrappers are another really neat food item. Again, you can easily find these in your international aisle in your grocery store.


I put luke warm water in a pie plate and all you have to do is place the spring roll into the luke warm water, dunk it for a few seconds, and it’ll start to become soft/rubbery. Don’t do this until you’re ready to load those babies up & roll them, because once they’re wet & soft, you have to roll them right away.


I guess I was feeling lazy this week at the grocery store because I purchased veggie spaghetti? Why? Idk – it was pretty & it was right there & fresh & easy. Normally, I’m an advocate for 1. Cutting everything up yourself – don’t be lazy and 2. Don’t spend extra money for people to do the work for you – again, don’t be lazy. But, I was lazy.

I added the veggie spaghetti to a pan with a little bit of oil oil.  I also added in a teeny bit of garlic powder, onion powder, turmeric, salt, & pepper.  I sauteed them for about 6 minutes.


Once your veggies are as cooked as you’d like, get your wrappers ready.  It’ll only take a few seconds for them to get soft & ready to work with.  Load up your noodles & then your veggies. Actually, don’t “load them” up – They’ll be harder to roll. 😉


I fold both of my sides over and then I roll from the bottom up.  Sorry guys – I was trying to take pictures, work fast, and not get my phone all wet/slimy at the same time.


Let me know what you think!  Have you ever made spring rolls at home??

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