Turkey Roll Ups


My Mom got this recipe from one of her friends when we were living in the mountains.  It’s simple yet comforting and delicious (and super super easy).

I make it every year for our neighbors Thanksgiving Corn-a-gulpia (basically they have a TON of people over & they drink WAY too much beer [myself included] and eat WAY too much food).  I bring these & they are devoured every year.

They’re also great for when you’re craving that delicious thanksgiving feast but it’s not Thanksgiving time and you aren’t about to spend time/money making all of that food!!!


All you need is stove top stuffing, turkey lunch meat, and a big can of store bought gravy.  Sure, you could use homemade stuffing & make your own gravy & use real turkey slices…. but this is supposed to be SUPER easy, so let’s keep it that way!!!


Normally I buy Boars Head turkey (it’s more like the REAL deal turkey) but when I’m making a ton of them & turkey isn’t on sale, I go for the deals.


All you need to do here is cook your stovetop stuffing according to the package.  I mixed all three boxes together (you can use whatever kind you like or a combination of).

Take two pieces of turkey lunchmeat and overlap them a little bit like in the picture.


Now spoon some stuffing on top of your lunchmeat & roll that baby up like a wrap!


Perfect!  Now add that to your crock pot & keep on rolling!


Once they’re all rolled up, you can either turn that crockpot on low & pour your big can of gravy right over it.  OR, you can refrigerate your crock pot overnight & add your gravy when you’re ready to heat them up the next day!  You’ll want them on low for 1-2 hours and then switch them over to warm.

Turkey Roll Ups


2 lbs turkey lunchmeat

3 boxes stovetop stuffing

1 large can of turkey gravy


1. Cook your stuffing according to directions on package

2. Take two pieces of turkey lunch meat & overlap them.  Add stuffing mixture to the center & roll.

3. Add your rolled turkey roll up to your crock pot. Repeat.

4. When ready to serve, dump your can of gravy over top of your turkey roll ups.  Turn your crockpot on low 1-2 hours and then switch to warm.

*These keep nice in the refrigerator overnight.  Just don’t add the gravy until you’re ready to start warming them up to serve! 🙂

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