Slow Cooked Baby Back Ribs

My husband made the most FANTASTIC ribs the other night.  They were slow cooked over charcoal and I really really wish I could share how delicious they smelled with you.

I feel like you can see the goodness in the picture.  It was perfectly caramelized and well, I’m pretty sure I could eat these every single day and never get sick of them.

We used a dry rub recipe we found on Epicurious.  Click here to go to the website.

Here’s the recipe:

4 tablespoons brown sugar

1 tablespoon kosher salt1/4-½ teaspoon black pepper1 tablespoon garlic powder

½ tablespoon onion powder

1 tablespoon dried oregano

½ tablespoon or less of cayenne pepper

1-2 tablespoons chili powder

Then after they cooked, we smothered them with some sweet baby ray’s BBQ sauce and put them back on the charcoal for 5 minutes.

My aunt & uncle were over for dinner and the ribs were a huge hit.  We also had some baked beans and a loaded baked potato (nothing screams country BBQ more than that). 😉

We had a bunch of ribs left over and well, rather than just eat them the same way (even though I totally could and they were amazing) I decided to make some pulled pork sandwiches.  Plus, we had some yummy potato buns to use up.

I used my hands and pulled all of the pork off of the bones.  Yes, it was messy and I may have eaten some as I was “pulling” it 😀

I was debating whether or not to add more BBQ sauce to it before I put it on the buns but I am SO glad I didn’t.  It’s so perfect just the way it is.  I did add some cheddar cheese though. 😉

What’s your favorite rib recipe?

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