Pork “Tips” aka Wannabe Riblets


My husband and I have a thing for riblets.  Both of my brother in laws are in the USAF and they sell these HUGE boxes of riblets at the BX.  They’re a flat bone with not a whole lot of meat on them but they are DELICIOUS.  We bought a ridiculous amount of them for a cookout we had after my college graduation and they were a huge hit.  The downfall is that now that my brother in laws aren’t stationed close to us, we can’t get them!!!  I’ve contacted all of the local butchers and grocery stores and no one seems to be able to get me delicious flat bone riblets.  So, if you have any idea on where you can actually get them, please let me know.  In the meantime when I see anything similar to that wonderful flat boned riblet, I buy it.

I found these “rib tips” at Walmart and I’m not going to lie, they were pretty tasty!  They’re definitely the closest thing we’ve seen to riblets.


We graciously season them with old bay.  Then they go right on the grill!


My husband is the griller (is that even a word?) in our family.  Not that I don’t grill, but I just prefer when the hubbs does it..  Plus, I have a ridiculously hard time when we make burgers because mine always turn out looking more like a meatball if I grill them.  BUT, we’ll leave that for another day. 😉


We let them cook until they’re a little charred on both sides.  My husband seasons them again with old bay while they’re on the grill.


It might be the middle of winter, but we were eating like it was the middle of summer and camping season!  I bought some coleslaw and amish potato salad from walmart once I found the rib tips so we could have a quick lunch.


One thing I do just have to tell you is how delicious these beans were.  GUYS. I’m a baked bean-aholic.  Yeah, that’s a thing.  I don’t make my own baked beans from scratch because well, I’m just not that fancy.  I’m not a snob and beans from the can work well enough for me!  BUT THESE GRILLIN’ BEANS?? Fantastic!  Seriously – my favorite beans!  I don’t think I’ll ever buy any other brand or flavor again! LOL!


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