I LOVE pizza.  There are so many places now that are making gluten free pizza’s that it’s incredible!  My downfall? I can’t have cheese!  What fun is ordering a pizza from a restaurant with gluten free crust & no cheese?? Ok, ok I haven’t tried it yet so I shouldn’t knock it & I think it’s great there are so many options for us with crazy allergies.

I asked my husband to go to the grocery store & find me gluten free pizza crust.  He did.  I was super excited, took it out of the freezer (it was a ball of dough) only to realize it was made with milk.  I’m sure you can imagine my disappointment.  So, I went back to the store and stood in the organic section like a lost puppy.

The man that worked in the organic section helped me out – He pointed me in the direction of 18 different pizza crusts (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating but there was a lot of options!) all of which were both gluten and dairy free!  I bought an Udi crust and this crust (Kinnikinnick).  The employee I spoke with told me that they sell a lot of the Kinnikinnick brand.


It comes with 4 personal pizza crusts.  This works out perfectly because my husband is still eating dairy (and well, still eating gluten when he can).  I think he would have eaten the dairy free mozzarella cheese if I would have put it on his pizza, but I’m trying to be good about separation & allowing him to have his own food when I can.  With the four individual pizzas each can be completely customized and my husband can load up on real mozzarella cheese without it spilling onto mine.


You keep the crusts frozen & put them onto a cookie sheet.  I put two on my cookie sheet and two on his.  Then I added pizza sauce to all 4.


These pizza’s will be my first time trying Daiya mozzarella shreds.  I was a LITTLE nervous as I just wanted a normal freaking pizza and not some weird textured non cheese tasting pizza.


I loaded my husband’s up with regular mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, leeks, and black olives (ew).


I sprinkled on some dairy free mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and leeks to mine.  I also added on some italian spices to each of the pizzas.


This. Pizza. Is. Amazing.

Seriously – I could eat it EVERY day!  The crust browned & got a little crispy.  It tasted like a real pizza though!  The crust & dairy free cheese did NOT make it odd tasting whatsoever.  My husband even liked the crust! 🙂 He wasn’t willing to try my dairy free cheese though.

How do you make your gluten free pizza?

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