Grilled Gluten Free Pizza

My husband did some running around this morning.  He’s been working on building a fence for our two dogs in the yard.  I decided I was going to try to do a 21 Day Fix Workout to get me back into the swing of things.  Unfortunately, I was still too sick to get through all of it.  My stomach started cramping and I couldn’t finish it out (especially since it ends with abs).  😦  At least I did something physical.  Hubbs came home and he was ready for lunch!

I had picked up every single kind of pizza crust that was gluten & dairy free that I saw in the grocery store & stuck it in my freezer.  So, since it’s over 100 degrees outside, I figured I’d use these Udi thin crusts and grill them!!! Anyone that uses their oven in 100 degree weather is out of their mind.

I decided to just use dairy free butter for my “sauce.”  Red sauce bothers my GERD so this was a safer choice.  I sprinkled on daiya dairy free mozzarella and then sprinkled a teeny bit of garlic powder and a good amount of pizza seasoning.  I cut up some sweet peppers and leeks and put them on top as well.

Ever have pizza on the grill?  Nope, us either.  I put it on 400 degrees and popped them in for about 5 minutes.

I added some basil to mine right before I took it off the grill.  It was a complete hit – We’d definitely do this one again!!!

They were SOOO good!  Below is a pic of my husband’s with real mozzarella cheese – he loved it as well!

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