Green Juice

I’m really getting into juicing!  It makes me feel so good about drinking down all of these amazing nutrients each & every morning.  The best part is my husband enjoys it just as much as I do so he’s benefiting from it as well!!! I feel like there’s something about green drinks that makes everyone go wild (wild in a good way of course).

This morning I used a large bunch of kale, ½ cucumber, 3 stalks of celery, and 3 granny smith apples.  This makes about 2 cups of juice.  Even though juicing seems like you’re wasting a lot from all of the pulp that’s left behind and the fact that you’re only getting 2 cups from all of this green goodness, you really are getting all of the nutrients in the juice.  I like to remind myself that I wouldn’t normally consume that many fruits/vegetables in a day so it’s good for my & my hub to drink 1 c juice in the morning to make sure we’re getting our fruits and veggies.  Plus, if I tried to eat all of that raw my stomach would probably be angry – fruits and vegetables can be hard on your digestive tract as they’re so fibrous.

I chopped up the cucumber, kale, celery, and apples prior to sticking them in the juicer that way my juicer doesn’t have to work as hard.

If you read my “orange” juice post, you’d remember that I am not a big fan of celery in the juices, however, celery is another vegetable that you should be eating and well, since this was a green juice I wasn’t about to stick a carrot in there 😀  – This juice is tart (thank you granny smith)!

What is your favorite green juice??

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