Garlic Mashed Potatoes

My wisdom tooth has been bothering me for months.  No, more like years.  Every few months it swells up and hurts so bad for weeks.  I called my dentist & they told me I needed to call an oral surgeon and get it removed.  So, what did I do?  I let the months go by & continued to ignore it.

So, this past Sunday my tooth hurt so bad I was in tears.  I was popping 600 mg of ibuprofen and complaining to my husband.  He said – Leigh.  You’ve been whining about this tooth over ½ the time I’ve known you – Call the oral surgeon!

After I got to work on Monday morning I called at 8AM right when the oral surgeon opened.  My dentist had told me it was going to be at least a week before they could get me in for a consultation & then once I was in for that it would be a few weeks before they would actually take the tooth out.  Ok, no biggie.  I can stress over it for the next couple of weeks.  Well, you know what the receptionist said to me after I explained I had this wisdom tooth that I needed removed & that it was swollen & red & keeping me from sleeping?  She said, “Can you be here at 9:45 – We’ll pull it today.” YOU’LL DO WHAT TODAY? Ok!! So, I left work – got myself prepared – and went to the office!  And, out the tooth went!

The surgeon was wonderful.  I was literally scared to death & almost backed out but I put my big girl pants on because I knew it finally had to happen.  The only issue is that the surgeon mentioned I may have permanent nerve damage as the nerve was running right under the tooth.  The right side of my face is still completely numb but I’m hoping with time it’ll come back.  It’s weird not being able to feel ½ of your face.  She said it sometimes takes a week, maybe a few months, maybe a year… or worse, maybe never.  There’s no way to tell other than with time!  So, say a little prayer that my feeling comes back!

Having a wisdom tooth removed leaves you pretty limited to what you can eat.  I was told that I don’t have any dietary restrictions (hah… that’s a first) because I only had one tooth removed so I could chew with the other side of my mouth.  However, that’s easier said than done!  First of all, I was scared to chew.  It hurt!  So, I decided to make some mashed potatoes.  Not just any mashed potatoes…. the best darn mashed potatoes I think I ever made!!!  I boiled some little potatoes until soft.

While my potatoes were boiling up, I got all of my ingredients together that were going to make these potatoes the best darn potatoes you’ll ever have!  Himalayan pink salt, pepper, butter, mild cheddar shredded cheese, parmesan cheese, garlic powder, and fresh chives.

Once my potatoes were done boiling & soft to poke with a fork, I added them to my kitchen aid mixer.  I mixed them up a little by themselves.  Then I added in my special ingredients.  I didn’t measure – Add as much or as little of each of the ingredients.

Then I added in about ¼ c milk or so.  You could also use heavy cream if you have it on hand!  Use your stand mixer to mix it on med until it’s well mixed & creamy.  Taste test – not salty enough? Add more salt!  Not creamy enough?  Add more milk!  You get the gist…

I absolutely love my mashed potatoes with the skin left on them.  It gives them a little bit of texture & makes them oh so much yummier!

I devoured these babies.  I was starving and they were so easy to mash up in my mouth & swallow (no true chewing necessary).  My teeth were thanking me.

How old were you when you had your wisdom teeth out?

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