Fried Chicken Tenders

If you’re going to eat fried food, it’s best to do it at home, right?  I think so!  I was craving chicken tenders the other day.  I think chicken tenders are just such a comfort food.  After days of eating soft foods and having to watch everything that I put in my mouth due to having my wisdom tooth out, it was nice to actually be “craving” food again!

I took boneless skinless chicken breasts (2 to be exact) and I pounded them thin.  I made this super easy by putting the chicken on a cutting board & covering it with cling wrap (multiple layers).  Then I use a meat tenderizer (the chicken side) and pound it thin.

I sliced the chicken into smaller slices to resemble a chicken tender.  Then I breaded it by dipping it in egg & then gluten free flour.  Some slices I dipped twice.

I fry in olive oil or vegetable oil because those are the only two oils I keep on hand in large quantities.  Make sure your oil is heated before you put that chicken in!  Otherwise it’ll sop up all of the oil.

You know its done when it comes out looking perfectly golden brown.  Depending on how big you made your tenders you may or may not want to fry them twice (or maybe even pop them in the oven to bake them and make sure they’re done).  Mine were small enough that the first fry did the trick.  I tested it out by cutting my largest chicken tender to check the meat & make sure it was cooked.

I always put my fried food on a paper towel as soon as I remove it from the fryer.  AND, now is your time for SALT!

Of course, I had to go with the signature chicken & FF so I baked some fresh cut french fries (slice a potato into thin french fry slices & bake for 40 minutes or so at 450).

I’m taking this unhealthy meal ONE step further by introducing my FF to some hot butter ranch sauce.  I used my trusty homemade ranch packet mix & added some butter.  I melted the butter ALMOST completely (but not quite) in the microwave & then whisked the ingredients together.  Then I add in hot sauce until it’s hot enough for my taste.

And, I dump that delicious stuff right onto my french fries & smother it with Parmesan cheese.  Hey, if we’re going to do fried bar food, we better do it all the way.  The dipping sauces are ranch & honey mustard.

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