Egg & Chz Breakfast Bagel (GF, DF)

Egg & Cheese Breakfast Bagel

Breakfast is the only meal that I haven’t tried to eat out since I discovered I have a gluten sensitivity.  Not only can’t I have gluten but I’m super restricted right now & I can’t have dairy either.  Why?  I don’t know.  I have had reactions to it every time I try to eat it and my GI recommended I avoid it.  I’ve read about other celiac’s giving up dairy & soy as well in order to let their gut heal.

I think breakfast would probably be the toughest meal because everything is cooked with butter and/or cheese!  Oh wait, I lied.  I did order a gluten & dairy free breakfast once while we were vacationing in Jim Thorpe.  My husband took me up for a birthday weekend and we had a very fancy dinner at a very accommodating restaurant.  We woke up the next morning and had breakfast in the hotel restaurant – they cooked my eggs in olive oil instead of butter and I had eggs, bacon, and potatoes.  So, it is possible! 🙂

I try to keep Udi bread/bagels/hot dog buns on hand in my freezer just in case I need them.  I try to avoid bread as much as possible (let’s face it – it just isn’t as good as the real thing) but every now and then I want it and I want to eat “normal” meals again.  This morning I wanted a breakfast sandwich and it’s not like I can just run by a Wawa or a Sheetz and pick one up!


1 egg

1 udi plain bagel

1 slice chao vegan cheese

1 teaspoon dairy free butter (I use Smart Balance)

Toast your bagel.  Cook your egg like you would over easy & then right when you flip it break your yolk a little.  Add your egg to your bagel and top with your vegan cheese!  You can try to melt your vegan cheese over top of your egg (but this cheese doesn’t melt so nice).

Don’t feel sorry for yourself that you can’t just go grab a breakfast sandwich – after all, those fast food breakfast sandwiches are packed with ingredients that you can’t pronounce and that aren’t real food.  We shouldn’t be eating that crap anyway.  By making this you’re 1. taking care of your own belly & health 2. Enjoying a delicious breakfast sandwich 3. saving on calories & knowing exactly what you’re eating!!

What is your favorite breakfast food?

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