Crockpot Salsa Chicken

I absolutely love crock pot meals!  They’re so easy, ready when dinner time comes, and make your house smell amazing!  I decided to create a chicken & salsa crock pot dinner.

I used a pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts that we had in the freezer & popped them in the slow cooker still frozen.  Then I dumped on a jar of medium on the border salsa.

It was on low in my slow cooker all day until 5:00 rolled around and I was ready to eat.  I sprinkled on some cheddar cheese and let it melt in the crock pot (about 20 minutes or so).

Then I sliced up some red onion to sprinkle on top.

Dinner was incredible!  Super easy, my house smelled AMAZING and the chicken was so delicious!  I added some sour cream on top as well.  You can’t go wrong here!

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