Crock Pot Wild Boar Roast

My hubbs picked up a mini wild boar roast that he found at a grocery store & we put it in our freezer.  Sunday was a rainy day & well, rainy days are always so perfect for the crock pot (YAY! My first crock pot recipe on my blog)!!!! I decided to throw that wild boar roast in with some carrots, onions, and potatoes before we went on a nice long hike.

I put the roast down first.  Then I threw in some tiny red potatoes & sliced up 2 onions.

I added carrots to the top & sprinkled with pepper.

I put my crock pot on low & poured in about ¼ c water.  I don’t know why, but I always feel obligated to put some sort of liquid in every time I use my crock pot.  Do you need to?  No, probably not.  But I do anyway.

About 8 hours later, we were ready to eat!  The best part?  Dinner was done & waiting for us!  I wish I could have shared how yummy my house smelled!

The mini roast was cooked perfectly!  A lot of juice was at the bottom of the crock pot from the roast & vegetables.

I took my veggies out & put them into a pie plate.  Guys, these were soooo good!

The crockpot makes dinner so delicious, quick, and easy!  And you only have 1 thing to clean when you’re done!

What’s your favorite crock pot recipe?

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