Chorizo Pizza


My husband and I love chorizo and I’ve been dying to try to make chorizo pizza!  I mean why not?!?!   I was planning on using naan bread for the pizza however I found that the same company that makes the garlic naan bread I love also makes pizza crust!!! Score!!!


I even hit the chorizo jackpot!  I was a little concerned about where I was going to find ground chorizo – I thought I might have to buy them in the links and then remove the ground sausage from the link.  Giant had Hatfield brand ground chorizo on sale 2/$5!


I used a mixture of spanish cheese & mozzarella cheese for my cheese.


I shredded both cheeses & mixed them together in a bowl.


I bought some tiny orange tomatoes to add on to my pizza.  I figured a pop of color & a little bit of a tomato might be delicious since this isn’t a “tomato sauce” pizza.


I sprinkled the cheese directly on the store bought naan pizza crust.


I cooked my chorizo


and sliced cilantro


and tomatoes


I added the chorizo to the pizza & sliced the tomatoes in ½.  Then I drizzled on sweet baby ray’s sriracha wing sauce.

I baked the pizza as instructed on the back of the naan pizza package and once the cheese was melted, it was ready to go!


The pizza was a hit!  The naan pizza crust was just crispy enough & the chorizo & sriracha sauce were perfectly spicy.  The cilantro puts this pizza over the top and on my definitely must make again list!


Chorizo Pizza


Naan pizza crust

Mozzarella cheese (I did a mix of 50/50 mozzarella & spanish cheese)

Ground chorizo

Cherry or grape tomatoes

Fresh cilantro

Sweet baby rays sriracha wing sauce


1. Cook chorizo according to package instructions (cook until no longer pink)

2. Shred mozzarella/spanish cheese & add to naan pizza crust.

3. Add chorizo to cheese on pizza

4. Drizzle with sweet baby rays sriracha wing sauce (a little goes a lonnggg way!!!!)

5. Slice tomatoes in ½ & add on pizza

6. Bake according to naan package directions – Remove once cheese is melted

7. Add chopped fresh cilantro.

8. Enjoy!

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