Chorizo & Egg Wrap


I had leftover chorizo from the chorizo pizza I made and while it was so delicious I could have just eaten it with a fork, I decided to go for an egg & chorizo wrap!  My sister in law gave me the idea and she may love chorizo as much as I do!


I absolutely love when you slice an avocado and it’s the perfect amount of creamy and green.


Could we ask for anything better than a creamy avocado in life?  I don’t think so.


If you follow me on instagram (which…. why wouldn’t you) 😉 you’re already WELL aware of my copper pan ADDICTION.  It’s unbelievable what you can cook in this pan without it sticking!


I scrambled some eggs & then melted cheddar cheese over top.  I sprinkled on salt & pepper & then added fresh chopped cilantro.  In case you were wondering, the cheese did NOT stick to my amazing copper pan.  Yes, yes it was yet again a breeze to clean. 😉


I added my cheesy egg & cilantro mix to a large tomato tortilla


and then I loaded it up with heated up leftover chorizo.  What more could a girl ask for??


Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Wrap



Large flour tortillas


Fresh cilantro

Cheddar cheese


1. Scramble your eggs & melt cheddar cheese on top.  Add in freshly chopped cilantro

2. Add your eggs to a large flour tortilla

3. Top with warm chorizo

4. Enjoy!!!

I could seriously eat this EVERY morning!!!

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