Cheese Snowman


Isn’t he the cutest!??! If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a LOT of these snowmen!  I made four of them this year!! I took them to neighbors & relatives houses when they had parties.  They’re super fun & cute (and shh, super easy!)


I took 1 pack of cream cheese, ¼ c shredded vermont cheddar cheese, and 4 slices of bacon (cut up small) and mixed it all together in the mixer.  Make sure your cream cheese is room temperature!


For my second batch I mixed together 1 pack of cream cheese (again – room temperature), ¼ c shredded cheddar cheese, ½ TB Italian seasoning, a sprinkle of crushed red pepper & a sprinkle of garlic powder.


Once mixed, I rolled them into three balls (my top and bottom ball were the same cheese) and middle ball was the other flavor of cheese.  Once you roll your balls, cover them in white shredded vermont cheddar cheese.  I used a kabob stick (cut to the proper size) to hold the balls together.


Then I topped with a cracker & olive for a hat.  I used bacon or thyme for a scarf.  The one has thyme arms and the other pretzel.  The eyes/mouth/buttons are all olives.  The nose is a shredded piece of yellow cheddar cheese and on the guy down below the nose is a sunflower seed.


The best part is these little cuties are truly customizable!  Get creative here!!! The only downfall is that people won’t want to be the first ones to dig into this little cutie so you may need to take that step yourself! 🙂

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