Bloody Mary’s


When I was 21, I hated bloody marys.  I would always tell my husband they tasted like shrimp cocktail.  We lived right outside of the city & he would always order them from a local tavern where he knew the bartender.  The bartender would make them from scratch & he made them spicy & well, that was my husbands favorite way.

It took me a few times until they started to grow on me.  I think I learned to love them from spending too much time in airports and airplanes.  Seriously – What else are you going to order at 7AM in the airport besides a Mimosa?  People would think you’re a drunk.  Ok, they might still think you’re a drunk anyway but who’s judging??

On the plane they give you little bottles of vodka and a can of bloody mary mix (which I’m sorry but I think it’s pretty friggin’ delicious).  In case you can’t tell, I have to drink alcohol to be comfortable flying. Hah! But, that’s another story for another day.


I started experimenting with homemade bloody marys because 1. I was starting to KIND of like them and 2. My husband loves them but only if they’re from scratch.  When I say from scratch I’m talking about the bartender mixing it right then & there and not pouring it from a premixed or premade container (and definitely not using a store bought bloody mary mix).

We had a bloody mary “station” set up in our kitchen the morning of our wedding and it was also a huge hit – except some people had no idea how to make them (including my bridesmaid who was making them for me).  She did a good job though googling it 😉 (( Love ya Dana! ))

Anyway, I buy V8, tomato juice, or now they have v8 bloody mary (any of those 3 will work).  I use vodka (of course), horseradish, Worcestershire sauce (don’t ask me to pronounce that), pepper, and celery salt (I used celery seed here – it worked just fine).  Then I garnish with pickled garlic pepperocini, stuffed olives, pickled asparagus, celery, whatever you want really!  We even added bacon to them for our wedding!

I mix them right in the glass.  I add 1 shot of vodka and then pour in my tomato juice.  Then I add a spoon full of horseradish, 4-5 sprinkles worcestershire sauce, grind some black pepper, and sprinkle in celery salt.  Mix it all up & taste.  Not spicy enough??  Add more horseradish or add in some hot sauce (tobasco is something we add a lot of time). Then add your garnishes.

How do you make your bloody marys??

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