4 Layer Bean Dip


We had a BBQ to go to last Saturday and I was in panic mode.  We were also going to visit my sister and her family on Sunday.  This would be the first time that I was at an “event” and “visiting” that I wasn’t at a restaurant or in my own home where I could either know I was safe or ask questions.  I didn’t want to be that person asking questions at a BBQ.  Really?  Just shut up, drink a beer, and eat some food, right?  I made a big veggie tray to take to the BBQ and then I made the same exact veggie tray to take to my sisters.  I bought garlic hummus and put that in the middle of the veggie tray.  Normally I would use the ranch based veggie dip, but well, dairy isn’t an option so it’s not happening!  The hummus was a huge hit though.

I wanted to make something else that I could eat because I was figuring I wouldn’t be able to eat anything else.  What’s something with protein that is both gluten and dairy free?? AND a finger food?? Dip!  Taco dip? Noo… taco dip has cheese and sour cream and I didn’t want to use “dairy substitutes” for people that have no dietary restrictions.  Bean dip!  That would be good, right??? Well, we’ll find out!


I came up with the idea of a 4 layer bean dip – Bottom layer – Refried beans.  This was seriously as easy as opening a can of refried beans & speading them over the bottom of the pan.  The part I didn’t know about refried beans is that they use lard in them!  My sister just started a vegan diet so lard wasn’t an option – I ended up finding a “fat free” version that did not use lard.


I LOVE avocado.  You could also use a prebought guacamole here, but I figured less is more.  I know it’s safe if I’m making it at home.


I put my avocados in my food processor to make them super creamy.


This was so incredibly hard to not just eat.  Honestly, I wanted to put it in a tub & freeze it & eat it like ice cream!  Is that weird?  I love avocado!  Avocado ice cream is next on the “to make” list!!


I spread the avocado over my refried beans.


Then I dumped a huge can of black beans (after they were rinsed) into my food processor.


I blended them up until they were creamy-like.  I didn’t worry if they werent completely smooth – I mean they’re beans!


Then I layered the black beans on top of the avocado.


I topped with store bought mild fresh salsa from Giant.  I don’t care what anyone says – that fresh Giant salsa is amazing!!!


I bought these little containers at the dollar store – I wrote on the top exactly what was in the dip so people (pain in the butt people like me) would know.


The dip was a hit.  I made 3 of them – Two to take and one for us to keep – We ate ½ of the dip immediately after I made it.


4 Layer Bean Dip


3 avocados (I tend to pick avocados that arent completely ripe yet – I feel like they stay more green & tend to be more attractive to the eye when using)

1 lb 13 oz can black beans

2 16 oz cans fat free refried beans

2 16 oz containers mild salsa

3 circular aluminum pans

1 big bag of tostitos! 🙂


1. Spread your refried beans on the bottom of your pan.

2. Use a food processor (or blender) and add in your three avocados.  Blend until smooth.

3. Layer your creamy avocado on top of your refried beans

4. Wipe your food processor clean of avocado.  Then add in your 1 lb 13 oz can black beans.  Blend until smooth(ish).

5. Spread your bean layer on top of your avocado layer.

6. Top your bean layer with fresh salsa

7. Start dipping!!!!!

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