Garlic Knots (GF)

Yep, you heard that right.  I had some gluten free dough left over in my freezer for when I was misdiagnosed with having a gluten sensitivity.  Instead of making a pizza (I feel like I’ve made a million of those lately) I figured I’d go with a favorite from my childhood – garlic knots!  I’m going to be honest, they aren’t as delicious as the fluffy gluten containing garlic knots, but they’re super delicious for all of my gluten free friends.  Seriously, delicious.

My husband found this gluten free dough at Giant in the organic freezer section.  It’s located right in with the other premade gluten free pizza crusts (like schar and udi).  It DOES contain milk – so if you have a dairy allergy as well, I apologize. This is not for you.

I let it thaw out the day before & then I pushed it around a little bit before I started working with it.

I ripped the dough into tiny clumps

and then I started rolling.  The part you’re not seeing is that I rolled a whole cookie sheet and then decided I didn’t like the way they looked so I mushed them all back up & started over.

Do you think I took enough pictures?  I’m not quite sure…

I melted butter & added garlic powder to the butter.  Then I used a basting brush & brushed it over the knots.  I sprinkled on some italian seasoning.

I baked them at 375 and kept a close eye on them.  They probably took about 10 minutes or so.  I did add a bit more butter and garlic powder one more time before they were about done.  They did brown (I wasn’t sure if they would with the gluten free flour… it’s funny sometimes).  They were crunchy & surprisingly delicious!

We snacked on them while watching the final game in the world series. I served them with ranch & franks buffalo wing sauce.  Normally, I don’t watch sports on TV but I was GLUED to that game last night!!!  Of course, I’m exhausted the next day but it was worth it!  Such a good game!

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