It was Tuesday morning – I was doing Ok.  Not in too much pain.  However, I was hungry but still scared to chew.  What the heck can I eat?  Ohhhh I have a huge bag of frozen fruit!  What about throwing them into the food processor & making some sorbet? Perfect!  Who wouldn’t want sorbet for breakfast?


I make sorbet with frozen raspberries all of the time (that’s my absolute favorite).  All you need to do is throw some frozen fruit into a food processor & add a little bit of water at a time.  For this since I added so much fruit I ended up using about 1 c of water.  Normally when I make raspberry sorbet I only add a spoonful of water in at a time.  The water makes it “creamier” for lack of a better word.


It was delicious and worked so well for not being able to chew!  Oh, and it’s healthy too!!!!!! 😀 My husband enjoyed it as well – I’m pretty sure I might even make this again tonight for dessert!!! 😉


I wonder how it would be if you added in some milk/almond milk/coconut milk? Make it into a smoothie bowl?

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