Best Damn Wings


My husband and I are wing-a-holics. Growing up, I went to two wing nights at local bar/restaurants every week. Wings twice a week? Yep. I was obsessed. I loved the one bar/restaurant’s wings & wing sauces so much I actually got a job there as a cook. I told you I was obsessed.

Ever since we got our dogs, we haven’t been eating out near as much… I just tend to feel bad working all day leaving them at home & then coming home & leaving again to go out for wings. It’s not right. Instead, we started buying & making our own wings at home.

I said to my husband one day – why don’t we try to grill them? Grill wings? Yeah! Why not?

And so, these amazing (and I mean AMAZING) wings were born. We will NEVER go out for wings again because these are way better than anything you can go out and get – I promise.


First things first, you have to pick your rub. The above four spice blends are what we used this time. We don’t always use the same rubs and we don’t always use pre made or a combination. We’ve never been disappointed with anything we have rubbed onto wings prior to grilling them.

Put a healthy amount of spices into a bowl & mix them up.

Sprinkle your spices over your chicken wings. You’re going to have to get your hands dirty here as you need to distribute the seasonings as evenly as possible.


DId I say distribute evenly? Clearly, we don’t.


Take pictures of your husband grilling the wings.


and maybe a selfie of yourself drinking a beer 😉


and viola.


The best damn wings you’ll ever have.

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